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A word about Vinyl

There are two main types of vinyl used in the manufacture of signs and decals. Calendered is often referred to as 5-7 year or intermediate, cast is 8-12 year (depending on colour, use etc) or premium. Cast vinyl is much more expensive and is made from higher quality polymers, pigments and adhesives and made using a slower process than with calendered films, resulting in a more stable and longer lasting product. All vinyl types will give similar visual results when first applied, however, it will not be long before the differences are noticeable. Because of the manufacturing process, calendered vinyl, although having a 5-7 year lifespan, will start to shrink. This shrinkage will cause a dirty line to form around the edges and can cause the corners to lift and peel. This can take as little 3 months (depending on the exact product used). Cast vinyl is much more durable and stays looking great throughout it's lifetime.

We only use Premium Quality Cast Films for our Automotive graphics.



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